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Warband PkPk Warband are the premier friends chats for warbanding on Runescape. Since our establishment, our Friends Chat services has seen tremendenous growth in part due to our proven management team, attention to our members and overall quality of our customer service. If you are new to warbands, please click the button below to start.

Annabellum & TheAceStar

WBPK Syndicate Warbanding with FOUR Friends Chat Strong

Current Warbands

Current Looting Status:  Code Yellow (PKERS ALERT, Loot at your own risks)

Current Cape
>Team 37<

Current Events

Ranks Salary Posted (6/10/2013):  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As5G2lEoPUo7dG9CWC1qWkVweDNDNHdhR0FVWHJNSWc#gid=6

New FC: WWBanding launched. Join for overlfow (5/27/2013)

Rookie Program Launched (5/26/27)

Congratualations 1k gp please, winner of logo contest. Thank you everyone who applied!

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