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Thank you for your interest in Warbands and the Wilderness Warbands© Franchise. In this section, you will find the basic Information for Runescape Warbands

What is Wilderness Warbands?

Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion, composed of heavily guarded storage camps of followers of the different Gods. These camps are founded to gain an advantage for the followers of a particular God once their God returns. They will set up camp in the Wilderness every 8 hours, 3 times per day, one time at each of the three locations. Quercus, an ancient seer Ent, will send out adventurers to fight in the camps to balance the followers of the different Gods in Guthix's name. Quercus can be found just outside the Gran Exchange agility shortcut. Each world has its own timer for the warbands, and there is quite a bit of random variation (so a warband is unlikely to appear exactly 8 hours after the previous one on a particular world.) 

Warband Pk and Pk Warband

At 30,000-125,000 experience per camp, the high experience reward of Warbands is highly alluring to players.Warband PK is the #1 Warband chat, while PK Warband is the #2 chat, bringing you the fastest worlds with the largest teams! We are a PKing fc that aims to secure all camps.  

You are free to join us in the Warband Pk, PK Warband or Warbanding friends chat, but you must meet our requirements and follow the rules. To begin, follow these instructions:

1) Join friends-chat in game, either "warband_pk" or "pk_warband" or "warbanding"

2) Meet the clan's armor and weapon requirments and head on over to edge bridge

3) The Friendschat that you joined will call worlds and camps (e.g. dwf, elm, rdi). Go to camp

4) Do not run into middle of camp or you will ruin beam, stay back and help kill monsters.

5) After camp is clear, choose the camp you would like to loot (you can loot up to 25 items)

6) Return items to  Quercus for experience reward. A "Taxi Service" is usually offered. 

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