WBPK Syndicate

The Premier Friends Chat for Runescape Wilderness Warbands

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the rewards?

Players can loot up to 25 resources per camp that relate to a few certain skills. These can be given to Quercus (at the edgeville bridge) for experience in the skill that the resources relate to. You can loot up to 3 camps per day, or 75 resources. At 90+, 25 resources is about 100k xp. 
One player also has a random chance of getting the Wand of Treachery. They'll usually be killed, but they might have time to activate the protect item prayer and save it. 

When do warbands reset and how often can I do them?
Warbands are a daily Distraction and Diversion that resets at the same time the SOF does. You can check the reset by pressing the ` key, typing something in, and pressing enter. The runescape time should be displayed, with the reset being at 0:00. Ranks/players will generally announce when the reset is approaching and passes. 

What should I do if the FC is full?
First, hop worlds or find a safe spot away from pkers. If you are a white dot, you will be killed. Try getting back into the FC when you can. The chat is generally full, but you should be able to get back in. 

What is the beam and how is it ruined?
The beam is a pillar of light in the middle of the camp that can be siphoned. The first phase is interrupting it, where you click on it and wait for it to change colors. The second phase is summoning reinforcements. If the pillar of light is up, do not go near the camp. Stay a safe distance away. 
The beam can easily be ruined, in several ways: 

• Stepping inside the camp while the beam is up
• Being too close to the camp while the beam is up
• Killing the NPCs while the beam is up

Doing any of the above will ruin the beam. If you are caught ruining the beam, you will be killed. The second time you ruin the beam, you will be kicked. If the beam is ruined, the camp will only be active for 3-5 minutes. If the beam is successful, the camp will be up 8-10 minutes. 

How do ranks work?
Ranks are given out based on your activity and how helpful you've been. If we notice you've been helpful, you'll be ranked up. If you're interested in getting a rank, help find active worlds, lead the fc, and generally be helpful. Rank-ups usually occur once a week. However, you can earn a rank if 12 active people vouch for you, or a general and 6 active people. 

What is the second chat? Is it safe?
Our official second chat is called Pk Warband. It is legit and for the most part, safe. While in our chats you must be wearing a Team-50 Cape. This is to prevent crossfires.

We highly advise you to try getting into our main chat, Warband Pk, but if you simply cannot, feel free to join this chat.

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